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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Assam Small Farmers’ Agri Business Consortium (ASFAC)

Vision & Mission


Maximization of farmers' farm income with sustainability in Farmer-Government-Bank-Institution & Private (FGBIP) partnership in a business model and generation of more livelihood opportunities.



        Approach                 From                          To
         FarmingProduction centered farmingFarmer's income centered farm enterprise taking total supply chain into consideraion
Village Hat (market) based farmingOpen market farming (which is increasingly globalised) with gain
Traditional & Subsistence agriculture with low marketable surplusEnvironmentally sustainable and technology based commercial agriculture by insuring household food security with increased marketable surplus through collective action
Low productivity and inefficiencyHigh productivity and efficiency
Raw/Harvest produce saleSale of value-added produce/by product-based on feasibility
Producer isolated farming with no/poor linkagesProducer-Public (Government)-Private Partnership based farm enterprise
Middle men dependant farmingCompetitive market farming with an endeavor to gain
Monotonous cereal/grain dominated low value agricultureDiversification with emphasis on high value agriculture (Horticulture or others)
          FarmerImage as a government dependant beneficiary and skilled producerFarm business manager and open market player (with collective action)
Individual effortsCollective action/group based - both to compete and to take advantage of opportunities offered by open market
Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) modeA network of FIGs/Groups/Corporations to compete and to take advantage of open market economy
Poor bargaining powerGood articulation and collective power
   Corporate/TraderMiddlemen based, deficient-value and supply chainPartnership based reliable supply and value chain from farm to firm to fork
        InstitutionsIsolated endeavorIntegrated approach with convergence and synergy covering total supply and value chain
       GovernmentOutlook of (farmer) beneficiary/recipientPartner in economic development