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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Assam Small Farmers’ Agri Business Consortium (ASFAC)

Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region

  • The Mission

    The Mission has been launched with an aim to develop certified organic produce in a value chain mode to link growers with consumers to support the development of entire value chain starting from inputs, seeds, certification, to create facilities for collection, aggregation, processing, marketing and brand building initiatives, official sources said. Under the scheme, 30000-50000 farmers of Northeast region would be empowered through creation of about 100 farmer-producer organisations and equip such companies with full value chain under their ownership.

    Area of Operation
    1) Assam 2) Arunachal Pradesh 3) Manipur 4) Meghalaya 5) Mizoram 6) Nagaland 7) Tripura
    and 8) Sikkim

    Mission Strategies

    • To mobilize commodity clusters and facilitate capacity building, handholding and infrastructure creation for on-farm input production, training on package of practices and facilitating certification services to farmers.
    • To facilitate creation and linking of enterprises (local enterprises/ farmer producer companies) that can create and operate collection, aggregation and post harvest processes, trade organic products and provide necessary services to farmers and to work towards increasing their market.
    • To set up lead agencies at central and state to partner with value chain supporting agencies, service providers and institute business development consultancies. To provide access to information, know- how and finance and enabling the enterprises to offer efficient services, support them in building required management capacities, and stimulating market growth.

    Mission Goals

    • To install dedicated institutional systems at centre and under each of the state for development and promotion of organic farming.
    • To create at least one to two replicable end-to-end organic value chain models in each of the state with the integration of growers, handlers, processors and market facilitation agencies.
    • To empower 30-50 thousand farmers of northeastern region through the creation of about 100 farmer producer companies and equip such companies with full value chain under its ownership.
    • To convert subsistence farming to commercial organic farming with end-to-end facilities.
    • To make Northeastern states as major suppliers of organic commodities for national and international markets
    • To improve production system to ensure higher productivity with better profitability.
    • To enable states to evolve their own brand.

    Sanction and Fund Flow Mechanism

    Comprehensive project proposal for making commodity specific end-to-end value chain duly approved by the State Level Executive Committee will be submitted to the Mission Head Quarter. After need assessment and evaluation, the proposals will be put up to the Mission Executive Committee for approval.

    On approval, year-wise funds will be released in installments. Funds will be provided directly to the State Lead Agency as per the authorization of the SLEC.